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Double Coin RLB1 & RR99 Testimonials


Emerald Shire Council currently runs two Western Star A-B triplesusing Double Coin RLB1 Drive and RR99 Trailer Tyres for carting various materials.

Jim Greenwood from Emerald Shire Council has been a big fan of the Double Coin brand for many years and is extremely happy with the way the tyres are wearing.

The tyres are run in various conditions from a lot of sharp turning on gravel and basalt roads to clean bitumen roads in mild to extreme heat.

He recently changed over the RLB1 drives after 55,000 kms with still approximately 30% tread wear left which is extremely impressive in the harsh conditions.

Jim also added that he has tried other truck tyre brands and was only getting 30,000 - 40,000 kms on the drive and that the Double Coin brand is miles ahead.

Both the RLB1 and RR99 are made with a cut resistant
compound to greatly increase wear in rough conditions and help save money over a longer period of time.

Emerald Shire has a population of over 14,000 people and is noted as one of Australia’s favourite gem and tourism cities. This thriving rural shire located in central Queensland is made up of a mix of various challenging
terrains and rich black soil farmlands.

Jim Greenwood
Jim Greenwood, Stores Manager,
Emerald Shire Council