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June 2017

Most drivers only buy tyres every 3 years and thus rely on a tyre dealer to recommend a brand. Many tyre dealers are owned by tyre manufacturers meaning that they will recommend their own brands, which may not be the best choice for you and your car, SUV, ute, van or 4WD.

The Australian Consumers Association’s ‘Choice’, magazine and website conduct independent tyre tests each year to help Australian drivers make better decisions when buying tyres.

GT Radial Champiro FE1 is the 6th GT Radial brand tyre to be recommended by ‘Choice’, as one of the best tyres to keep you and your family safer on the road, in wet and dry weather conditions.

In the May 2017 ‘Choice’ tyre review GT Radial was rated the equal best tyre out of 17 different tyres tested. GT Radial tyres is one of only two tyre brands to be recommended 6 times by ‘Choice’ in the past 6 years!

GT Radial is unquestionably the best value tyre in Australia at an affordable price which is lower than many of the premium and better known brands which it has consistently outperformed in ‘Choice’ tyre reviews.

GT Radial tyres also are the only tyre brand to offer a free 5 year tyre replacement guarantee plus a 30 day test drive guarantee to provide total peace of mind at a price that won’t break the bank.

Insist on GT Radial tyres save you money and keep you and your family safer on the road.

GT Radial tyres, recommended by ‘Choice’, available now, are:
Tyre Review Brand & Pattern Recommended Tyre Size Tested
May 2017 GT Radial Champiro FE1 195/65R15
Nov 2016 GT Radial Savero SUV 225/60R17
May 2014 GT Radial Champiro BAX2 205/55R16

You can buy award winning GT Radial tyres now at:

1. Tyreright & affiliated Tyreright service centres, with locations listed on
or at
2. Independent local GT Radial tyre retail service centres with location s lited on

To locate your closest GT Radial tyre dealer call the importer, Tyres4U, on 13 62 82