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Tyre Tips - Light Commercial Vans, Trucks and Buses

Tyre Tip 1 - Truck Tyre Selection
A glance through any tyre manufacturer's brochure will confirm there is quite a vast selection of truck tyres available to the average user. It will also clearly indicate that there are specific designs and patterns for specific jobs.
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Tyre Tip 2 - Truck Tyre Fuel Economy
We all know there's not much you get for free these days, but it would be nice in the case of your truck tyres that they could contribute to their own expense. I'm talking about being aware of what you can do to improve your truck's fuel economy performance via the tyres, and also what we see in the future in new tyre designs.
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Tyre Tip 3 - Maintaining Your Tyres
We are all aware of the necessity to operate truck tyres within the recommended parameters of correct inflation pressures, alignment settings, loading, speed, and eventually remove the tyres when the treadwear indicators tell us it's time. But what is the bottom line when these factors are not quite optimum, what does it cost us through not maintaining our tyres?
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Tyre Tip 4 - Inflations
Have you ever thought of what you are asking of those two new tyres you just put on the front of your truck?
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Tyre Tip 5 - Dimensions & Loads
Quite often questions are asked about how dimensions and loads of truck tyres are established by the various tyre manufacturers. Surprisingly, many people do not expect rubber based, flexible components to be closely controlled by industry regulations.
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Tyre Tip 6 - Truck Tyre Noise
For some of us the sound of a powerful truck accelerating up through the gears or cruising past may be heaven on earth, but to others perhaps living adjacent to a freeway, it could be just plain objectionable noise that they have to cope with in their everyday life. Not only that, but if we turn the noise inwards (so to speak), high levels of cabin noise can be fatiguing to the occupants and thereby a safety issue.
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Tyre Tip 7 - Truck Tyre Failure
When we talk zipper failures, most males conjure up images of embarrassing episodes such as standing around at meetings or parties with their trouser fly undone. Or even a close encounter of a painful kind, whereby certain parts of one's anatomy becomes entangled in a zipper!
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Tyre Tip 8 - Operating Costs
In earlier articles, we discussed the necessity for the truck fleet operator to be aware of the influence of tyres on his operating costs. As we said at the time, tyres follow fuel to be the second most costly operational expense item, and any saving that can be achieved is directly off that critical bottom line. Even a modest 5 percent overall improvement can reduce an annual fleet fuel bill of $100,000 by $5,000. Enough to bank roll their next set of drive tyres!
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Tyre Tip 9 - Truck tyre testing assignment
Just recently, after completing an extensive truck tyre testing assignment for one of our overseas partners who supply a proportion of the truck tyres we distribute in here in Australia, I reflected on the disparate requirements for tyres around the world. For instance, what would be perfectly acceptable for, say, treadlife in a European country may not be acceptable in a country such as our own due to the distances we travel and in a harsher environment.
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